A Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations Intern Voices Project

1. Listening Skills: Listening skills are essential for leaders, as they enable them to accurately understand the underlying issues that need to be solved. Leaders must be able to actively listen to those they are leading in order to accurately assess the situation and make informed decisions.

2. Lateral Thinking: Problem-solving often requires creative solutions that can only be achieved by using lateral thinking. Leaders must be able to think outside the box in order to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

3. Critical Analysis: Critical analysis is a key problem-solving skill for leaders. Leaders need to be able to assess a situation and identify the underlying obstacles in order to develop an effective solution.

4. Minimize Problems: Problem-solving is also about minimizing the occurrence of problems in the first place. Leaders must be able to anticipate potential issues and develop strategies to avoid them.

5. Open Mind: Lastly, leaders must be able to keep an open mind in order to effectively solve problems. This means they must be able to consider multiple perspectives, explore various options, and remain flexible in their approach.


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