National School Choice Week

January 23, 2024

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Hundreds of yellow scarves dotted the Capitol steps in Harrisburg on Tuesday, amid National School Choice Week.

More than 400 students from schools across the state joined advocates for school choice funding.

“We believe parents have the right to choose what education is best for their child, whether it’s charter, private, public, homeschooling,” said Dr. Anne Clark, CEO of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, which hosted the event.

The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on representing both brick-and-mortar and cyber schools throughout the Keystone State.

Tuesday’s rally comes after a year that saw political controversy swirl over state-funded private school vouchers.

Opponents have criticized Pennsylvania’s proposed school choice program as being “discriminatory.”

“Seven out of ten Pennsylvanians support school choice so it shouldn’t be political but sadly it has become,” said State Rep. Joe D’Orsie (R-York).

Tuesday’s rally comes just two weeks prior to when Governor Josh Shapiro is set to deliver his second budget address.

Those in favor of school choice funding hope to see it as a priority.

“This year we got 150 million dollars more funding for EITC OTSC scholarships, and with the lifeline scholarship battle, we were close to getting that done last budget season,” explained Rep. D’Orsie. “But the good news is in just another two weeks we have another budget address so I’m hopeful the governor will include lifeline scholarships in this year’s budget.”

“I believe our state can lead the country and right now we’re not but I fundamentally believe that the answers are here in Pennsylvania and with our legislators, with our parents and with our students, we’ll find those answers,” added Dr. Clark.

FOX43 contacted the governor’s office to see if there was any indication of school choice funding being included in the final budget but received no response.

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