GCS Building in Pottsville, PA
Gillingham Charter School

Set in old-town Pottsville, Pennsylvania, in the state’s historic coal mining region, housed in a beautiful classic 19th-century school building, is one of the nation’s most unique public charter schools: Gillingham Charter School.

In fact, Gillingham is the only public charter school in the world that provides the globally popular Charlotte Mason Relational Learning curriculum.

And, it’s charter renewal time. Of course–it’s Pennsylvania. Of all the states in which we represent charter schools (43 CONUSA states, and Hawaii, here we come), PA has the most antiquated charter school law that causes complications for both the schools of choice and their authorizers: school districts. Right there, naming school districts authorizers over competing charter schools makes as much sense as establishing Auto World as the authorizer over Pep Boys. But as the saying goes “only in Pennsylvania.” But what else makes the Keystone state the toughest state to operate a charter school is the very slim 5-year operating charter terms. It has been rightfully said that all PA charter schools are in renewal, coming out of renewal, or going into renewal.

With renewals come a long, complicated application process that involves enough paperwork to flatten a forest and the many inspections, reviews, and analysis that come with the territory. And for Gillingham Charter School, charter renewal time is no easier.

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has time and again taken our clients’ cases to the court of public opinion. And when the press comes to us, we are just as ready to state the facts, show the proof, and help our clients clear their good names.

The business of running charter schools, Christian schools, and all kinds of private schools requires careful strategic communication with the public. School marketing, school public relations, and school advertising is like a three-legged stool: if one is missy, things will get wobbly and you may crash. But, you need to know what you are buying, how to use the communications venues, and how to best frame your messages to your target publics (audiences).


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