As part of Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations media relations services to the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, identifying and responding to op-eds from organizations opposed to charter schools was a daily routine. Newspapers typically limit responses to op-eds to 250-word letters to the editor, which are far less noticeable than op-eds. However, using a little creativity, armed with data and knowledge of a reporter’s views, we were able to generate an op-ed for PCPCS–a far better tool than the letter-to-the-editor route. This kind of success is why nonprofit organizations, charter schools as well as private schools, and issue-oriented businesses hire P.R. representation rather than go it alone.

Parents choose to leave traditional public schools for a reason. The irony is that districts could close every charter school in the state by doing only two things – ask the parents why they felt it necessary to leave, and change to address their concerns.

Until that happens, professor Rogan might not need charter schools, but the 128,000 children in those schools and tens of thousands on waiting lists to get in, do.

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