New York City Charter Schools Jump Under New Budget
New York City Charter Schools would expand by 100 schools under Gov. Hochul’s budget proposal

New York City charter schools won’t see the 100-school increase Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposed in her draft budget. The much-needed charter schools were stopped by democratic lawmakers, despite widespread parental demand for more charters.

 The NY state Senate and Assembly called to remove the governor’s charter school proposal from her budget proposal to allow New York City 100 new charter schools.

Hochul’s proposal can still prevail during further negotiations as the Governor works to finalize the budget by its April 1 deadline. But, at this juncture, the votes are not here.

Hochul’s charter school proposal was unpopular with some lawmakers and teachers union officials who want to keep the status quo from which they benefit. While charter school advocates have long pushed the legislature to lift the New York City cap — which was reached in 2019 — there has been little support for it in the Democratic-controlled legislature.

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