A Robust PR Strategy and a Little Know-How Can go a Long Way

  1. Research the podcast and its host: Understand the format, topics, and audience of the podcast you want to be a guest on. Study the host’s interviewing style and try to identify common themes or topics that they discuss.
  2. Larger podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience will have a program director on staff. There are only so many hours in a day, so, managing guests and topics requires a full-time commitment well beyond what popular hosts can spare.
  3. Build a relationship with the host or program director: Contact the host or program director and try to build a relationship with him, as much as you can online This can be done through social media, email, or even by appearing as a guest on a related podcast. Regardless of how popular a podcast is, you can bet that the program director keeps an eye on the competition.
  4. Offer value: When contacting hosts or program directors make sure you have something valuable to offer from their perspective. Know their material. Whether it’s a unique perspective, expertise on a specific topic, or the ability to bring new listeners to the show, make sure you can offer something of value to the host and their audience.
  5. Know the show: Do not pitch a show until you understand its mission and what it does, which you cannot adequately do by reading its “About Us” section. You have to experience the show a number of times to internalize it enough to pitch.
  6. Be prepared: When you are invited to be a guest, make sure you are prepared to discuss the topics at hand. Research the most recent episodes of the show and have a clear understanding of the topics that will be discussed. Don’t try to wing it, because if you come unprepared, it will show.
  7. Be professional: Be on time, be responsive, and be respectful of the host and her audience. A good guest is someone who is easy to work with and makes the host’s job easier.
  8. Promote the episode: After the episode is released, share it with your own audience and promote it on social media. This will help the podcast reach new listeners, and increase the chances of the host inviting you back as a guest in the future. And so, if you have a substantial following, show the program director the numbers from promoting the show. You will be invited back at the right time, or when you make your next pitch, you’ll have a receptive listener.

Getting booked as a guest on a popular podcast is not as hard as you may think. A smart public relations strategy and a little know-how can get you in. Hosts and program directors are always on the hunt for good material, so with good timing, you might find yourself on the show.


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