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Comscore is a leading provider of television viewing data. The company is trusted by media companies to measure the audiences for their shows, enabling them to reach ideal audiences for advertisers. For more than a decade, Comscore has measured television viewership across tens of millions of households. Using advanced audience technology, Comscore provides the information media and marketing companies need to grow their business. Now, the company is introducing its new Comscore TV Essentials(r) and Stickiness Index(r) to help you understand what drives your TV viewers’ engagement.

Comscore’s TV engagement rating ranks primetime ad-supported cable and broadcast telecasts by their level of viewer engagement. This is a measure of how much the average percentage of viewers watching a particular telecast is compared to all telecasts that have the same duration. The higher the index, the more engaged the audience is for the duration of the telecast. Combined with the Stickiness Index, which measures how long a telecast attracts viewers, this rating can be a powerful tool to measure the success of your content.



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