Every Charter School has a Story to Tell. What’s Your School’s Story?

Why Charter Schools Need Public Relations Services

Charter schools, like any other educational institutions, can benefit from public relations services for several reasons:
  1. Community engagement: Public relations can help charter schools build and maintain relationships with the communities they serve. This can include communicating with parents, students, and other stakeholders, as well as engaging with local media and other influencers.
  2. Reputation management: Public relations can help charter schools manage their reputation and address any negative perceptions or misconceptions that may exist. This can include addressing concerns or criticisms from parents, students, or community members, and proactively promoting positive news and achievements.
  3. Branding: Public relations can help charter schools establish and promote their brand, which can include developing a mission statement, messaging, and visual identity.
  4. Advocacy: Public relations can also help charter schools advocate for policies and legislation that support their mission and goals. This can include working with lawmakers, regulators, and other education leaders to promote charter schools and the benefits they provide to students and families.
  5. Crisis management: Public relations can help charter schools plan for and respond to potential crises, such as natural disasters, school shootings, or other emergencies. This can include developing crisis communication plans, training staff and students on emergency procedures, and communicating with the public during and after a crisis.
  6. Recruitment: Public relations can help charter schools to promote their school and attract new students. This can include creating marketing materials, hosting open houses, and working with the media to promote the school’s achievements and mission.
In summary, charter schools need public relations services to help them communicate effectively with the community, manage their reputation, establish their brand, advocate for policies and legislation, prepare for and respond to crises, and recruit new students.

Advocating for Public Charter Schools and Students for 20 Years

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has worked collaboratively with public charter school communities, passionate parents, and dedicated stakeholders through campaigns that put students first as we advocate for equity, fairness, and opportunity.
We have generated thousands of media hits for bricks and mortar charter schools, cyber charter schools, and state association including: New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools.
Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has helped numerous charter schools gain regional visibility. At the heart of our campaigns is share student successes, school achievements, and amplifying parent voices.

Highlights of our Public Charter School Services

We support public charter schools in every facet from enrollment marketing to telling the school’s story in the media, to everything in between. We help charter schools communicate effectively with authorizers, staff, parents, community stakeholders and the media.