From the Charter School Application to Groundbreaking

You have a charter school concept, but you’re up against an authorizer that wants no competition. That’s where we come in.
We help emerging charter schools build and demonstrate strong community support as required in charter school applications. And to leave no doubt in the authorizer’s mind, we’ll get your school meaningful media coverage.

Potential Families

We will build a campaign based on your emerging school’s mission to attract the right staff and students. We’ll secure pre-enrollments, petitions, public comments, and generate community support.

Narrative & Press

We will craft a powerful narrative based on your school’s mission and proliferate those messages through internet, print, and broadcast media, blogs, and podcasts that reach the right audience.

Charter Appeals

Some authorizers have their minds made up long before the application hearing, and the answer is “no.” From day one, our work will build a record for the Charter Appeal Board demonstrate overwhelming community support.


Below is a simplified visual of how we will guide your emerging school through our four-point , five if we need to secure victory at the Charter Appeal Board. 
And, if we go to CAB, Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations works with the foremost charter school law firms in most CONUSA states. This relationship results in huge savings to clients.

Application Support

Application Presentation


Ribbon- Cutting