Operating Charter Renewal
Campaign & Support

Renewing a school’s operating charter is one of the most cumbersome, hectic, and time-consuming tasks charter school leaders face–especially in states with a 5-year renewal process.

During the 12-18 period before school leaders begin the renewal process, it is crucial that school leaders generate frequent positive news coverage and publicity, gather meaningful parent and student testimonials , and shore up proven community and stakeholder support.

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Charter renewal campaigns

Shore up your Renewal

It is crucial to shape, maximize, and leverage public opinion to reinforce your renewal application. Due to the sheer volume of media and testimonial generation needed, the campaign should begin during the critical 12–18-month arc of time preceding the renewal process.

News coverage

Generate positive publicity through TV, Radio, print, and Internet news venues.

social media

Develop a robust social media campaign to shape proliferate your messages.


Collect powerful positive parent, student, and alumni testimonials.

online reviews

Compile positive family and stakeholder reviews on school review websites.