You already have what you need to achieve “celebrity status” in your industry. You did the time, gained the experience, and refined your skill. You just need to show up and we’ll do most of the work”

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations

You have the talent, skills, and the experience needed to take you anywhere. But, you’re not sure how to package and market yourself.

You put in the time.

You made the sacrifices.

And, you kept going when anyone else in his or her “right mind” would have quit.

The good news is that you already have what you need to achieve “celebrity” status in your industry. You put the time in, gained experience, and refined your skills. So you don’t need to memorize messages, undergo a personal makeover, or spend hours in rehearsal. You just need to show up, be yourself and we will do most of the work.

Packaging Your Inner Celebrity

Show us a Celebrity, and we will Show You a Deliberately Packaged Persona

Even celebrities pay the price for success.

And that price includes countless hours of planning, preparation, and rehearsal.

But when it’s showtime, they look they part, and they stand larger than life

Every move celebrities make on stage has been choreographed by professionals who have a knack for bringing out the best in others. The pros know how to deconstruct one’s skills, talents, and experiences and then transition the celebrity into an alluring stage presence.

All the seemingly small nuances, from how the star turns her head, the timing of her smile, and the message she delivers, have been honed to perfection and packaged for the masses.

The same formula applies to business. Chances are, you won’t need to undergo a long, costly process. Rather, we will likely identify small changes that, if implemented, will make life-altering differences.

Interested? Here’s what you can expect:

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations will meet with you virtually (and in person if needed) to:

  • Maximize your presence – Assess, improve, and transform your image, style, and communication skills in a way that will set you apart from your peers and competitors.
  • Refine your style – Bring out the “inner you” that intrigues others.
  • Master your messaging – No matter your industry or interests, we’ll show you how to incorporate verbal and nonverbal techniques underscores your authority, mastery, and thought leadership.
  • Maximize your assets – Elevate your brand, reputation, and visibility by weaving them together through a coordinated and integrated approach that will make your performance larger than life.
  • Develop a roadmap – Change and permanency should be two underlying goals. A deliberately planned process will ensure your campaign functions as a process, not a program, which is the key differentiator between motivational hype that only serves to jumpstart a leader and a sustainable lifelong change that prevents you from becoming a one-hit wonder, and keeps you at the top.

Whether you feel invisible, unsure of yourself, and wondering why the “superstar within you never emerged, or are simply ready to break through to the top, let’s talk. or 215-817-3095.

Disclaimer: We are not “coaches.” Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations Image Development services were created for established leaders who have a long history behind them. It is not for everyone. Those who are at the start of their careers, or need guidance in finding a new direction will be encouraged to research consultants who specialize in such matters.