Crisis Communication 

They Never Saw It Coming

Neither will you.

Unless you know how, and where,  to look.

6-Year-Old Girl Left On A Bus for Hours
Student Drug
Teacher Arrested for
Child Pornography
Child Fires Gun At Recess

If the unimaginable happened, do you know exactly what you must do before communicating to parents and the media?

And do you know what you should not say?

School crises often happen when least expected, and they tend to happen in ways most administrators would not imagine. The worst time to begin learning what to do in a crisis is when you are in one.

Now is the best time to begin learning tactics on how to prevent and respond to various levels of crisis and disaster. 

And that’s where Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations comes in — We will help you plan and prepare steps, responses, and actions long before the levee breaks. We will help your leadership staff prepare for all levels of crisis from addressing negative headlines to managing an event that requires a sensitive and prompt response to the school community. We’ll even get you ready to take on and survive the unthinkable. 

Please don’t assume it can’t happen to you. 

Time and again, in school after school, we have seen it happen. 

But the good news is, by preparing to manage crises, you may prevent one from occurring altogether. 

Give us a call today at 215-817-3095 to discuss how preparing for an eventual crisis might altogether prevent one from occurring.  

Common Crises Responses that put organizations out of business.

Don’t let these scenarios destroy your organization.

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has a proven record in developing and executing effective crisis communication strategies that help our clients navigate through difficult times.

And we can help prevent crisis. We are adept at identifying potential risks and developing plans to mitigate those risks.

Let us help you develop a plan that will protect your reputation and minimize the impact of a crisis can have on your organization.

“No comment”

In the court of public opinion, “No comment” means “guilty as charged.” Strategic sound bites can keep an organization’s doors open.

“We will fight this in court, not the press!”

Your organization cannot afford the months or years for a court case to resolve. Use the press to stay in business. 

“The truth will come out!”

Some lawyers make great money making sure the truth does not come out. Don’t roll the dice on superstitious wishes.  

“The Media is out to get us”

This myopic view is usually based on media reporting negative news that actually happened. Interview strategically.