About Sylvia Marketing &
Public Relations

What started as a creative agency in Philadelphia in 2004 developing key messages in PR has become one of the top PR firm in Pennsylvania, NJ, New York, and 23 CONUSA states for charter schools, Christian schools, and nonprofits.

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has amplified the voices of communities that traditionally have not been heard or ignored. We have secured numerous platforms for our communities to share their stories, and we have worked tirelessly to empower urban students to obtain high-quality education opportunities through public school choice.

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has been the most proactive PR communications solutions group fighting for urban equity long before America’s Great Reckoning. Our agency went into business to fight for racial justice, educational equity, and fairness for those traditionally shut out of opportunity because of their zip code or skin color.

Today, Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations is made of a global network of the world’s most talented communicators, campaign strategists and artists.

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations history of our core values includes:

  • Education: Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations was founded to support, promote, and proliferate public school choice. Through public relations campaigns that involve blended traditional press coverage and social media platforms, we promote public charter schools, private schools, and Christian schools that offer high-quality educational alternatives and real-world experiences. What began as a plan to serve Philadelphia charter schools, has grown into a national campaign to serve other schools of choice. We have captured media attention for schools specializing in excursion learning and global studies, STEM and STEAM education, International Baccalaureate World School institutions (IB), entrepreneurship education (NFTE, MicroSociety, Middle States Accreditation, etc.) Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations is at the forefront of promoting public school choice as part of a national campaign to keep urban students in the classrooms, drain America’s school-to-prison pipeline, and end the nation’s Male Minority High School Dropout Crisis.
  • Advocacy: For nearly two decades, Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has worked with advocacy organizations on issues such as urban crime reduction, sensible gun control measures to get guns off the streets, Second Chance Act, and reentry programs.
  •  Editorial Justice: Freedom of speech is only effective when one can be heard. Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has secured top media placements in the highest-ranking venues for many groups that traditionally had little voice in the press. Those groups are as diverse as and far-reaching as America’s First Amendment was intended to protect including, public charter schools, Christian schools, violence prevention and education organizations, grassroots nonprofit organizations, community groups, and small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We are a global network of relentless newsmakers.

Sylvia Marketing was formed by Ken Kilpatrick in 2004. Since that time, we’ve gained coverage in every major venue, from front-page features to strategic op-eds, on-air, online, and on target. For more than a decade, we worked on a model that paired recent college graduates with training and experiences that they needed in order to be considered by certain industries in businesses. We did not see this model as training employees to leave us for our competitors, rather, we gave them experiences they need for businesses and nonprofits that hire experienced in-house PR specialists, prestigious universities and hospitals, and government entities, including school districts. Today, Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations is made of a global network of the world’s most talented communicators, campaign strategists and artists.

Our industry experiences include:


  • Public charter schools
  • Christian schools
  • Private schools
  • Montessori schools
  • Business schools


  • Education Coalitions
  • State Associations
  • National Activist Alliances
  • Crime Prevention and Education

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • TMS providers
  • Global Freight Forwarders
  • Shippers – 3PL, Ecommerce, Intermodal

Corporate, For Profit

  • B2B (Global, Domestic, and Regional)
  • B2C (National)
  • Personal Protection & Nuclear Waste Disposal
  • Franchise (National)


  • Municipal (collections)
  • County Level
  • State Agencies (DEP, House & Senate)
  • Federal (U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, White House Domestic Policy)

Entertainment and Celebrity PR

  • Steven Tyler
  • Lisa Loeb
  • Morgan Fairchild
  • Kathy Ireland
  • Patti LaBelle
  • Kathy (Sister) Sledge

We get clients in the news.

Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations helps organizations develop strategic marketing objectives and build lasting consumer relationships through targeted traditional and social media campaigns.

Our media campaigns yield far more than our fees.

We excel in developing and executing insight-based, integrated marketing communications programs consisting of:

  • Equity-building branding strategies
  • Print, broadcast, and satellite radio media relations
  • Strategic social media campaigns

Through a combination of tactics in these areas, our programs increase the awareness and visibility of your brand, shape public perception, and connect your company with audiences that matter most.

Geographies Served

Our origins were PR PA, PR NJ, PR, NY. After two years, our growth led went from a one-person operation to a full-service communication group offering PR solutions as an expert source in education (ex. charter schools, Christian schools, Montessori schools, and private schools, etc.) as well as A list celebrity PR, Supply Chain Management & Logistics Industries, and the American Death Care market (funeral and burial — funeral homes, cemetery for pre-need spaces and burial merchandise).

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