Crisis Management

When the brand equity or the very existence of your business is in jeopardy, count on Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations to develop effective and powerful media and communication strategies that will:

  • Put you in control of the event rather than be controlled by it.
  • Maintain and preserve your hard earned reputation.
  • Manage fallout, and regain consumer confidence.

Our crisis management expertise includes:

  • Crisis Preparedness/Crisis Readiness – building advance plans and defenses can shorten consequences of crises by months, even years.
  • Risk Assessments – determining vulnerabilities can prevent crises from occurring in the first place.
  • Crisis Communications Strategy Development – developing rapid, effective, and powerful media, social networking, and direct stakeholder communication strategies when crises suddenly occur.
  • Post-Crisis Recovery and Reputation Restoration – guiding companies to regain good reputation status, consumer confidence, and media credibility.
  • Litigation Public Relations – Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations has worked with legal teams on cases involving fraud, blackmail, and other serious reputation-shattering matters on cases up to the state Supreme Court level.